dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Lot's of sunshine on a tough day.

I got the Sunshine Award!!!!

I had a tough day in court today and was down and out about it. 
And when I read the message from Rachel and went to her Blog I was stunned. And there is written again...
She choose me to be one of the twelve recipients who she wanted to give this reward too.

I think it's a great honor when a fellow crafter appreciates your work of art and acknowledges it!
It gives me wings, wings that bring me to higher evolution in crafting and creating more and better work.x

Rachel I thank you for giving me this wonderful Sunshine Award and I feel so honored for getting this from you. I love your work and it inspires me to keep working on better and newer techniques and makes me enjoying the crafting even more.
Thanks again my Friend 


2 opmerkingen:

Gina zei

Yahoo Cowgirl, you well deserve this award! Big hugs, cheesie grins and love as always gina x x x

Sarah A zei

Well done Marion!

Your wonderful creations and your supportive posts on peoples blogs make you a ray of sunshine! I for one appreciate the time you take to leave a comment on my blog so it is a well deserved award ;-)

Sarah x