woensdag 5 mei 2010

Let's do some teasing today...

Good morning and how wonderful to see you came back here.  I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial I gave you yesterday. And guess what... tomorrow there will be this incredible challenge coming up at Shelly's Images.
If you're one of the regular visitors you know what I'm talking about. Tomorrow the TTT challenge will  start a new round. And.... (drumroll) the winner of last week will be announced.

Ok ok... I was talking about teasing you ... well here's a little sneak peak of what's coming..

And of course there are amazing prices to win. What that will be... well how about this:  If you use an image from Shelly's Images and win, you'll win 2 images of your choice.  You're free to use other companies images - if you're our weekly winner, you'll win 1 image of your choice.

Make a note in your calender an be sure to come back tomorrow.. same place, same time?? See you then.
Love from me

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Beeceecreativity zei

looks like great fun... hope to pop in tomorrow to see what your up to.