donderdag 17 juni 2010




Today is a really sad day for us. April this year we went to look for a cat at the Animal Shelter.
We fell in love  with Baloo. He's 7 year old and he loves to lie on my lap and purrs all the time.
So we took him home not knowing what the future would bring us.
Well it became a very short future. It appears that he had cancer in his bones in his head. And yesterday we saw that it is time to let him go. His spirit is gone and he's just lying on my bed and not interested in anything anymore.
So after a long and good talk with the vet we made the decision that he will be put to sleep at 10 AM today.
My heart is breaking and I will miss him so much. No more companionship on my lap, no more cat at my legs and the best place in my bed at night.
But I'm so glad that his last months on earth were with us and that he enjoyed is a lot.

Thanks for the short but wonderfull time together Baloo
We love you.

10 opmerkingen:

Carla zei

Heel veel sterkte zijn altijd lastige beslissingen om te nemen

Sarah A zei

Oh Marion

That is so sad but like you said his last days were happy ones being cared for by people who love him and not stuck in an animal shelter. God chose you to care for him and keep him safe.


Sarah x

Claire zei

Aww Marion, such sad news. Thanks goodness you found him so that his last months could be full of love and happiness
love and hugs
Claire xx

Gina zei

Bless you Marion. At least he passed surrounded by love, which is all any of us could really ask for.
Much love to you and yours, as always, Gina x x x

Unknown zei

I am so sorry for your sad day Marion. I know what a hard decision that is and how hard the days after are. Big hugs to you my friend.

rhonda zei

Another angel for heaven...I am so glad his last days were spent in your loving care. I understand the loss you are feeling and am sending hugs and prayers to you.

Diane (djuseless) zei

I am so sorry Marion! Baloo is in a better place where the cancer cannot affect him anymore. Big hugs to you for losing you furry friend!

Unknown zei

So sorry to read about your poor cat, Baloo. It is always so very sad when a pet dies. At least he was in your lovely home xx

Lou x

My Creative Outlet by Janna zei

I am so's so hard to lose an amazing pet. I wish you hugs to get through this tough time. Cherish the memories and the pictures :)

Janna :)

Scrappy zei

Marion, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty! I know how our fur babies manage to wrap their little paws around our hearts! It is good that he is in a good place though and without pain. So glad that Baloo spent his last time with you, knowing how you loved him! I hope you will find peace in your memories of time spent with him. {{{{{Hugs!}}}}} Scrappy