zondag 7 november 2010

I got the Attitude blog award!

I got the Attitude blog Award!

I received this blog award from the lovely Mari!
Mari I thank you for this fantastic award! I'm very pleased and happy with it!

What this means is not only did I get a $5.00 Gift Certificate for Digi's With Attitude! Store, but now I han brag that "My Blog's got the 'Tude!"

All I have to do is tell you 3 things that make me different from everyone else and nominate 5 blogs.
What gives me the 'Tude?

1. My way of coloring.
2. My way of making cards
3. My tutorials about coloring and other projects.

I nominate the following girls:

Jan (for your stunning coloring)
Margie (for hanging in there)
Min (for all the fabulous work you make)
Pauline (for the superb sentiments you share!)
Diane (to give you some support)

Thank you ladies for all your help and Inspirations!  Don't forget to pop over to Digis with Attitude to find out about your $5.00 gift certificate, and display your badge proudly on  your blog!

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Tlc Creations zei

Thank you very much for the award. I appreciate your kindness.