woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge at All that Scraps

Morning ladies.... today there is a Theme this week at the All That Scraps Challenge Blog!
And it's an important one!!!

Breast Awareness Month!

We want you to use pink on your card for the rest of the month!!!
I'm so happy with this theme! As a daughter of a two time breastcancer survivor I'm so aware of the need
to keep giving support to those who fought this hard disease... some won... some lost it...
and those who stayed behind need our support and care as well.

So dear Mom... this card is dedicated to you!!! A true fighter and survivor!!! Thanks for showing me that you can beat this monster!

So I'm asking you to take out all the pink you have and join us in this warm and caring challenge and show our loved ones, friends, people we know that we care and think of them!!!

Now a week ago I saw a documentary on tv from the The SCAR project... I found their site and was so touched by it!  They have this slogan on the site...

Breast Cancer is not a Pink Ribbon....

As my mom survived Breast Cancer twice at a young age... this slogan, these photo's and documentary are so true of what is happening and what it does for the woman who is diagnozed with this horrible cancer! 
As a daughter of a survivor and lived so close to my mom during those times... I agree with this slogan!
It's way beyond that!!!

Hope you will follow the link and see how strong those women are!

With all my love and care

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Vicky zei

Such a cutie Marion...!

big hugs Vicky xx

JustYolie zei

The image is adorable! Please join Link Up for Pink; we have over $3K worth of giveaways (153 prizes)!