zaterdag 18 september 2010

For my Dad

Spotlight Saturday:
Remember our Heroes!

Today I'm going to be a bit personal today and I hope you don't mind.

My Dad was in the Army and during that time he had a terrible accident with a shell bomb...
And ever since he is handicapped and traumatized from it. But even then our Rock to lean on!

 But my dear Dad is taken to the hospital on last Monday. And suddenly we realized that the Strong Rock we all rely on isn't as strong as we thought.

Now you wonder why I tell you all this.... 

Well, there are many men and boys all over the world that became handicapped or traumatized by any war or peace operation.
We see them every day and we easily forget their trauma or pain. 
I want to ask you to be more aware of this and just sent a card to a family member or acquaintance from who you know was in the Military and pay them a tribute with a card or project. Let's remember the veterans too!!!

And even now the American and Dutch boys are trying to get peace overseas.
 And I'm so glad and proud that 
this weeks challenge at Michelle Perkett Studio blog is dedicated to:

And I want to invoke all you creative and crafty people to join our CHALLENGE
and go to
and sent as many cards as you can to the shippers that can be found on their site.

They are requesting Christmas Cards, Thinking of you cards, Miss you cards.

I made this card with the image from Michelle Perkett Studio.
She is called Angel of Hope.
You can find her HERE

So let's get together and make sure that we pay a tribute at the men and boys out there...
and let them know that we appreciate what they are doing and that we think of them and pray that they will come home save!

Thanks for reading this and I hope that you all make a contribution to
Operation Write Home and our Challenge!

With love

5 opmerkingen:

paper fun zei

Marion, I love how you colored Angel of hope. The background is so soft and her hair is so vibrant. Your card is just beautiful.

Christina Hicks zei

Beautiful card! I just made 6 christmas cards to send. I appreciate everyone who does this, its so wonderful. Speaking as a wife of a retired army vet and the mother of a son who is right now stationed in S Korea in the army, its so appreciated by them and their families!

Unknown zei

This is a beautiful card Marion. I hope your Dad is feeling alot better very soon.

Tammy zei

Beautiful card Marion and awesome tribute/post about your dad on MPS blog! I will keep you in my prayers!

Poppet zei

Beautiful card Marion. :-) xx