woensdag 23 maart 2011

Versatile blogger award twice!

Last two weeks have been a true rollercoaster for me.. there were hard times when I felt so down and out. Thought that I was really a dumb and difficult person to be around with...
and then I discovered.. that this thought didn't make any sense.

And when you are around people that give you this feeling... it's time to close that door and move forward in life. Not an easy decision... but when I took it...the relief in my heart told me
that it was the right decision.

My very best friend, Paul, told me once.. that if one door closes another one will open for you....
and to my suprise that is what is happening to me right now....

One of the doors that opened was that I got the Versatile Blogger award from my dear friend Pauline. I was suprised and so thankful for receiving this award from her! 
Pauline is my teammie at Michelle Perkett Blog and we are in our second term there. She is an adorable Aussie with magnificent work on her blog!

And now guess what.... yesterday I got a second Versatile Blogger from Naush!
Naush... you live at the other side of the world... our worlds met through the internet... and you make the most stunning and creative things with just trash! 
Thank you for giving me this award! 

Now to the part of the rules coming with this award...
* Thank the person that gave me this award! (Did that)
* tell 7 things about me! (really sharing my inside feelings here)
* pay this award forward to 15 other people that I care for with my whole heart!

1. I'm a single Mom and I love it. Don't need a man to be happy!
2. I love cats, but hope to get a helping dog soon in my home to help me with things that I can't do myself.
3. I still can be so insecure about the work that I make...
4. I'm honored and proud to be in the DT's that I'm in!
5. I'm proud on myself on how I raised my kids and how they turned out! (we had some really tough times and got out stronger and closer)
6. I love my two teens to death! They mean the world to me and they make me proud on the decisions they make!
7. I'm so glad that I meet so many fantastic, creative, fun and loving people trough my hobby and the internet!

Lydia (for being such a fantastic and true friend)
Janneke (my dear friend and crafty inspiration)
Margreet (you are a sweetie)
Michelle (for the fantastic images you make)
Shelly (for giving me my first chance!)
Melissa (For support in blogging land)
My teamies at Michelle Perkett Studio (you all are family to me!)
Wendy (for caring that day!)
Renata (for our friendship)

I know I'm over 15 with this... but they all deserve it!!! So bare with me... 
Have fun with it girls! Each of you mean a lot to me!


12 opmerkingen:

Janneke zei

Hi Lieverd, dank je wel voor deze award ;o)
Ik ga hem niet uitgebreid op mijn blog zetten, maar in de sidebar, net als de vorige .. als je het niet erg vind *bloos
Ik ga je straks even mailen.

Knuff, Janneke

Ellis zei

Thank you so much for the wonderful words! =)
I'll add it to the one I got from Pauline! =)
It's great to be on the same DT as you, you are a true inspiration! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Linda de Bruin zei

Ha Marion, Je verdient idd een viruele knuffel. Ik ben blij dat je er een paar hebt gekregen. Mag ik je er ook eentje geven. Je mag het ook bewaren voor als je het nodig hebt :)

Groetjes, Linda

Unknown zei

Thanks for the fun award. :)

Claire zei

Thank you so much Marion :-)
Its great to be on the DT with you Marion, you're a wonderful team leader and a lovely friend too
love and hugs
Claire xx

Unknown zei

Thanks Marion! You are so great to work with! Love ya Shelley

Vicky zei

Ahh hun thank you sooo much working with you too!

hugs Vicky xx

Sue zei

Hi hun
congratulations on ya award, thank you so much for passin it on to me, so lovely of you, tis lovely to have you on Totally with us, hugs, sue,x

Anoniem zei

Hi Marion,
I'm so glad you followed your heart and made the right decision for you! I enjoyed reading your "7 things" list. Thank you for this award, I will add your link next to it on my blog's sidebar. I'm really happy to be part of your DT family at Michelle Perkett Studios!

Michelle zei

Congrats on your blogger awards and thank you for adding me to your list, Marion, I really appreciate that! You always make my images come to life, you are such a talented artist, a warm and caring friend and a joy to know! We consider you family as well!:)



Stressed Stamper zei

Aaaaah hun - love ya back!...nice posting - glad you are with us - may it continue forever!

Keep It Sweet and Simple zei

Thanks for this Marion. It's lovely to be on the DT with you and to get to know you better.
You're helping dog sounds interesting - I love dogs so hope you will tell us all about that.
Hugs to you.
Caroline xxxx