maandag 9 augustus 2010

Marvelous Monday at Shelly's Images

Wishing you a tropical day today!

Another monday is here and the end of the summer vacation is approching quickly.
So this week I will not think of that and have a week of relaxing, 
sitting in the sun and enjoy a yummy

So tonight I will sit down in the last rays of the sun and make a toast with a lovely
 Happy Hour Drink and celebrate the freedom we shared last weeks.

I did some magic in a program and added these 3 yummy drinks into one image.
This is the result of my Mix.

These fabulous drinks go with a very special deal! If you buy two you get the third one for FREE!!!!

Now is that a great deal or what???
Make sure you get them on time from the STORE and show your lovely work with these drinks.

Have fun and drive carefully around the WWW.
Thanks for looking and leaving me a lovely comment.

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Unknown zei

I love this card Marion! You did a great job combining the three images and a wonderful job of coloring. Just perfectly done my friend!